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ai-0 Client/node daemon

Document created: I/1998, Last modification: XII / 2009

Note: This document is targeted for developers and system engineers and for interested people. You need not understand to this in order to use Ni powered products.


Daemon tool is used to simplify the installation of computers used by Ni in the cluster, or by the rest of Ni network environment. It comes with some handy LAN features as bonus to minimize used resources. This is the only tool which your Ni installation needs to have ability to control another computer connected over LAN and use its resources for clustered computing or any other tasks you will assign. If you start this tool on any computer connected to same network as your Ni deploy, computer will be detected in couple of minutes. All what you need is to confirm Ni to use this computer (or set that Ni must not ask) for clustered networking or as interface node.

ai-0daemon Main window

Easy (plug & run) node setup

All what you need to use any PC in your network for cluster, is having this tool running. It is so simple, that you can for example come home with your laptop, connect it to your network and in couple of minutes it's resouces can be used for distributed computing. You can any time switch it off or disconnect from network without need to properly end of the client. Only CPU and memory resources are used, no drive space is needed.


Fun with home network

Some of the bonus features makes possible to use this tool also without any need of Ni deploy at your network. Want simple alarm clock or LAN peer to peer chat client? Just start it and it runs.

ai-0daemon Node control dialog


- Receives commands from network, local console or via text file (web server)
- Power off / reboot computer
- Remote administration
- Local executed commands
- Able to popup message boxes to user
- Text log file
- Able to hide from user (takes no place on tray)
- Encrypted communication and per network password features
- Anti attack technology to protect IP port
- Very low resource use with optional idle only running
- No installation, simply copy and start
- No registry, uses plain .ini file
- Easy to use interface

Bonus features:
- LAN chat client / server (peer to peer - no master server is needed)
- alarm clock using wav files with configurable repeat time
- verifies the registry startup links against unauthorized applications (viruses,...)

Requirements and installation:

- 32bit Windows platform (98 and higher, Windows 2000 or higher recommended).
- Winsocks running (default) for networking features.
- ~3 MB RAM and 100kB HDD space

Copy the application to local drive of the computer and copy shortcut to startup folder of the user. Modify the ini file when needed to match your needs.
Add the host name of this computer to address book of ai-0 core

Although this tool is very straight forward and safe from exploits, it is not intended to be used on servers over Internet. If your computer / LAN is not protected by firewall or is not behind the NAT protecting used TCPIP port, I do not recommend to use it. Remote access is recommended only via VPN or similar tunnelling protocol.


Version 1.2.5 Freeware (WIN32)

Hacks (ai0daemon.ini)

Download default ini
Download chat only ini file with predefined addressbook

All configuration is done over ini file named ai-0daemon.ini. This file have to be normal plain text file stored in common directory, where daemon is started. On following lines are described used parameters. Values are stored in format name=value and separated by new line character(s). Lines starting with semicolon (;) are not used (defined as comments).

Variable name Description
localName Readable name of the computer (used on chat, and human readable printouts)
answerHost Host used as asnwer for chats and events. Default is local host of computer, if you have log server, you can define its address.
logFile Full path and name of text log file.
thFile Set to 1 to use command file feature.
CmdFileName Full path and name of text command file. File is deleted when command is processed.
CmdFileFreq Number of seconds to poll the command file for updates.
CanSendControl Set to 1 if PC is allowed to send control commands.
exitDisabled Set to 1 if PC is not allowed to close the instance of ai-0 Daemon.
rebootOffDisabled Set to 1 to disable shutdown and reboot features.
thTcpip Set to 1 to enable TCPIP / LAN features.
thIpPort Local TCPIP port used for listening.
tcpMasterName Master node host name.
tcpMasterPort Master node port.
tcpMasterAnnounce Command to launch to announce present of computer to master.
messageSound Wav sound file to be played when message arrives.
thIdle Set to one to force daemon operate in idle times instead of lower priority (this can horrible increase response times on hardly used nodes).
trayFunc Set to 1 to enable tray icon functionality instead of not disturbing mode.
popOnStart Set to 1 to keep window visible after start instead of hiding it to tray.
buzzerSound Wav sound file to be played as the alarm (and alarm clock) sound.
buzzerFlipper Number of seconds after alarm will appear again (when not canceled).
buzzerHour Daily alarm clock hour setting.
buzzerMinute Daily alarm clock minute setting.
targetPcX Address book of computer host names. X is decimal number from 0 to 31. As the host address can be used IP address too.
targetNamePcX Address book of computer titles. X is decimal number from 0 to 31.
RegARX Registry name of certified application stored in registry Run or user's registry Run folders (/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run). X is decimal number from 0 to 31..
gPw General sub-network password.

Commands (ai0daemon.ini)

You can send commands via the ethernet (use Features / Send message menu command), use command file (more on this later) or pass command directly to instance using File / Local console menu option.

Command example Description
wake me at 12:34 Set the alarm clock to 12:34
wake me up now Starts the alarm immediately.
reboot me now Restarts the client computer.
shutdown me now Shuts down the client computer. (Use WAKE UP NODE command to start computer from Ni core)
popup messageMESSAGE Pops up message in dialog box, without showing the main application window. MESSAGE is any string.
send messageMESSAGE Sends message using chat feature, shows up the main dialog too.
execute meTARGET Starts the defined process on target client with rights of logged user. TARGET is command or application to start, or document to open.
open meTARGET Starts the defined process on target client with rights of logged user. TARGET is command or application to start, or document to open. Using shell interface.

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