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Deployment Examples

Document created: I/2007, Last modification: I/2007

So complex and feature full project like AI-0 have of course not only one use case. In this document, I will try to offer several possible use cases of complete or part of this project. To get solution for your use case or integration possibilities in your project, please navigate here to get more information about licensing of Ai-0.

--- Typical Use Cases ---

Huge Data Management

There is couple of data mining companies who are able to locate limits of actual hardware pretty easily when it comes to senseful classification of enormous number of data. Ai-0 with its intelligent approach is able to organize and use data with computer's precision but human abilities. Also ability to work with data located in encrypted and compressed drives or files successfully overriding limits of the file systems (size and possible file count) or actual computers (thanks to supported clusters, NAS/SAN solutions, and so on). Billion of files/resources available in real time for complex evaluation might be something your business needs and cannot get easily.
With actual hardware available, you can achieve learning curve close or even faster than new data are gathered even for such complex neural link network like AI-0. Benchmarks will be available later on this place.
This use case is being developed and simulated on surveillance scenario (recording and evaluating over 8 million images from surveillance sources per day), weather (archiving of weather reports around the world in second basis) and on few other use cases.
Demo of Core 3 type of Val's personality is being deployed on

Personal Data Management

Very strong focus is given to ability to manage data from various sources and use them to drive the new age digital houses. Core 4 type of AI is emulating family member with human like capabilities and knowledge about anything related to family. It's life is dedicated to inform and help even by predicting needs of each family member and care for electronic appliances, data management, communication and time planing. Communication with family members of all ages at any place is easy with text or voice driven output and input available from home computers, entertainment systems and even mobile phones.
Core 4 type of Val node is able to act as family member, relative, friend or unknown person and emulate its behavior accordingly.
In our family personal life Val 4 is managing all data we are able to produce (from emails, bills, fuel consumption to home videos) already since very early development stages. We never deleted even test emails or bill for 16Eur computer cable and within many years it counts Terabytes of data organized and immediately available for any use (from watching dynamically selected photos, through searching for bill of device which breaks, to evaluation of development of energy consumption based on age of our kids).
Successfully in use since late 90ties. There will be demo available online within 2007 on


Another big potential for human like capable virtual brain is in electronic entertainment business. Over thousand fully simulated different personalities in the game-like environment are part of the project being developed for demonstration of Core 5 capabilities.
While other cores are aware of their difference from humans, Core 5 is fully focused on human simulation, including need for food, movement, air, water relationships and so on, which can be fully satisfied (or controlled) in virtual environment like this game-like platform is.
There will be demo available online from July 2007 on

--- Focused Use Cases ---

Online Community Management

AI based engine like AI-0 is able to perform many administrative tasks and save lot of man power in managing of security, content, support and automated activities on public forums and community places on internet. This feature was demonstrated in 2006 by creating virtual user for PHPbb Community platform (link) and Coppermine Gallery system (link) and MySpace (link).
AI-0 is able to register/activate it self on virtually any online platform and act like common human user. In administration/moderator roles is able for example fetch available sources for news and data, classify them and publish them in topic oriented threads or groups. Of course classification of available content, banning, filtering and real-time modification (deleting, sorting, moving,...) is possible as well. While templating and SQL interface makes it easy to communicate directly with platform's database, AI-0 is able to learn and navigate through common user interface (html, javascript, email,...) and allow fully separate installation. This kind of deployment can use even single computer since available performance is only affecting the classification and data retrieval speed, not the functionality.
In active use since 2006

Mail Filtering

Sorting and filtering of incoming and outgoing communication eats lot of time in modern businesses. While lost important fax or e-mail can be nearly disastrous, it is easy to lose focus in the tons of unwanted or wrong directed letters everybody getting every day. AI system can help organize correspondence better than any rules/filters based system. Able to classify outgoing communication, presence/absence of person, time and date including importance of holidays and unlimited history, all correspondence can be delivered to desired mailboxes even if it comes to single or wrong address. As it is human-like system, even autoresponder feature can be setup to help, e.g. navigate sender to right place or automatically inform about most actual FAQ or support complications. Ability to understand and compose plain language helps in high quality communication both ways.

Plain language conversion

Fuzzy logic and regular expression support helps technically skilled users communicate with complex services (search engines, maps, databases,...) more effectively. Disadvantage of those systems is that while trained user is able to gather quite precise results, it is hard to operate such "computerized" services by common sense.
AI helps in this direction to understand given entry of any sort and convert it to what given platform is able to support or directly work with available data. Intelligent virtual brain allows complicated evaluation of real meaning from the input including information "between lines" based on experience and available resources. Plain language queries like "find all photos including sea or ocean with boat and sort them by amount of water and date, both descending" are fully accepted as well as "alike" and "abstract" queries like "create gallery of everybody looking like Jessica Alba but interested in rocket science sorted by beauty"
I am proud to announce that project based on this use case will be put to active use during 2007 in Japan

--- Other Use Cases ---

One of very basic AI-0 Core abilities is to create, copy and lock snapshot at any given time. You can create very huge nearly human like installation as well as small and fast drop without ability to grow serving single purpose. Basic AI-0 requirements are quite high to be useful in really all cases but with centralized design and single purpose nodes you can achieve almost everything even for mobile users. In this chapter will be few other examples explained.

Aging Forecast

Small snapshot of human face learning deployment was successfully tested on simulating of predicting the human face at given age based on available images of subject and experience gathered from other humans.
Successfully tested in 2004, report available.

Future Forecast

Rather funny or relaxing project able to find similarities in person's life with those lives of people available in gathered resources. Based on this experience is AI (non seriously) predicting what might happen in tested person's future. While rather comical experiment, with very huge available database (based on internet and CVs) few people found the results precise (when compared later) or at least expectable (for example when person is smoking, his chance of getting cancer is higher etc). Precision is gained mostly from ability to compare and evaluate not one dependancy (maximum age based on fact that person is smoking) but virtually all of them available in given resources (driving car, favorite food, marriage, prefered music composer,...).
Successfully tested in 2004, report available.

--- How to Continue? ---

All test and use case scenario was simulated and are being developed in very controlled and documented area. Reports are not from many reasons public available, but you can request them on the contact.
Development or designing of your own use case you can order on the same place.

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