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The X-Numbers meaning pattern
Following recent discussion, I started page with a little explanation about how Ai-0 detects meaning of words and inputs and makes them relevant to knowledge and experience.
More updates to come there later.

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30 Mar 2006

Updated hardware design+more
Hardware design page was updated to reflect actual state. Check it out here. There is couple of new things there. I will post more later after taking some pictures.

Last couple of months I was working on converting all code from assembler to C, so not much updates so far. C is language of choice mainly for multiplatform development and was sort of needed during porting to 64bit Windows too. Couple of interested people also recommended it to make porting to powerfull mainframes as easy as possible.
14 Mar 2006

Many news
Many news to read...

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05 Feb 2006

Free PHP scripts section
Added free PHP script section and few more articles.
25 Dec 2004

ai-0 Client daemon
I've added ai-0 Client daemon description and download.

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14 Nov 2004

Added WWW publishing interface description
I've added description about WWW publishing interface.

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10 Oct 2004

Core description added
I've added article about how the brain and core is implemented.

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19 Sep 2004

Linux hacker wanted
For programming of client tools and some conversions of Windows tools I am searching for skilled Linux hacker with experiencies in GUI and networking. Please contact me if you are interested.
16 Sep 2004

X-Numbers and CPU design specs
I've converted another part of documentation describing introduction to X-Numbers and CPU and core design.
This documentation is targeted to advanced users and developers.

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12 Sep 2004

3D Graphic artist and programmer needed
To build 3D world and modify characters I will need some help.

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05 Sep 2004

Moving to new CMS
I am moving the homepage to new content management system, hope it will work and will save me some time.
05 Sep 2004

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They are visibly marked.
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