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Creating Your own AI-0 / Val / NI deployment

Document created: I/2007, Last modification: I/2007

AI-0 is now available, artificial human ready to accompany you in almost any task you might have for him/her.
Val is generated image (or snapshot if you want) with special focus which need not to be programmed (only trained when needed) and have ability of self learning and self development in allowed areas. Val or Valerie is personality born by creator(s) of AI-0 engine for it's specific use and might or might not use centralized brain for safety and synchronization purposes. Val is usually restricted in its abilities to perform predefined tasks but the amount of limitation is up to user of the system.
NI or Nicole is personality created or self-developed from pure AI-0 engine and is not managed by creator of AI-0 but rather third party who have the license. NI is not supported on its behavior.
AI-0 engine for its users comes with support and warranty based on the service support plan.

AI-0 License

For developers and design engineers is available restricted or nonrestricted clean AI-0 Virtual Human kit. Target users of this package will develop their own or reuse existing interfaces to real world information and create their own personality solving specific tasks.
Companies or development team will take this engine if they have strong enough in-house development center and/or none of available Vals suits their needs. AI-0 can come with almost all source codes as part of support plan. Please contact me for individual offer.

Val0 License

License to any available "ready to run" Val image is available for use inside your project or company. Solutions as well as license is managed individually. Please contact me. Please remember that usually images are only in one language either English, German or Japan, modification of personality to use different language is lengthy process so is usually better to let us develop special language version for You. Special image can be created also from other reasons, for example if you are missing precise Val0 image for your use case but do not have developers team/or time to teach plain AI-0 Core.

Free/Public domain License

Schools, public knowledge centers, public free services and other non commercial institutes can obtain free license for AI-0 core. Please contact me if you are interested. The type of license is evaluated on type of institute and possible reuse of gathered experience for future AI-0 development.
Free for personal/family use Core 4 and Core 5 will be announced within 2007 after official release. There will be about 300 interested families selected who until end of 2008 can became part of wide public test of Core 4 public release candidate. If you are interested, please register your self.

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